Six Pack Abs On A Dark Chocolate Body

Bill’s a little shy at first. His photographer asked him what he did to get those six pack abs, and he just gave a grin and said, “I’ve had them as long as I can remember.” To stay in shape, he plays basketball pretty regularly with a group of friends. The photographer asked him if he ever considered playing professionally. He admits he did at one time, but decided against a career in favor of more playtime with the hot guys he meets around LA. After the photographer convinced him to pose fully clothed, it took a little more effort to get him to show what he was hiding beneath the shorts. When he finally unleashed his great big cock, it was all the photographer could do to stop himself from servicing Bill right there. He’s lean, amazingly hung, and super charming. Bill is a generous guy and once he got it up, he agreed that it would be a pity not to share his good fortune with others. So take a look for yourself by checking out his below photos.


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