Cute Black Dude Finger Fucks His Bubble Butt

Christopher Ashlee is definitely a very cute young black man. He’s incredibly adorable with deep brown eyes and a bright engaging smile. He made five videos at the Randy Blue website a few years ago including an hour long live webcam show you can re-watch in their archive section. In that video Christopher doesn’t stop smiling through the whole show as he talks about himself and his experiences at Randy Blue. I love these webcam shows since we get to really learn a lot about the models. And Christopher’s voice is so deep and sexy you may just bust a nut before he ever gets naked. His personality alone makes you want to get to know him and the fact that he’s so damn good looking makes you want to fuck the hell out of him. He talks about living in Texas and how he’s a big fan of sports, especially football. His lean muscular body shows that he doesn’t sit around the house but that he obviously loves spending lots of time playing sports or working out. Christopher said that he was a big fan of the Randy Blue website and had always wanted to pose nude for them.

In his first scene he seemed kind of bashful but any shyness melted away as he revealed more and more of his flawless smooth skin. Running his hands over that ebony body so sensually that you can almost feel him touching yours, teasing his nice size uncut cock as it starts to strain and grow to it’s thick fullness. I love watching an uncut cock go from it’s covered flaccid state to full erection, the head peeking through the foreskin then proudly pushing past until it’s ready to be seen, touched and tasted. Christopher loves to work his cock and it shows. And just when you think you’ve gotten all you can, he flips over and shows you that gorgeous black bubble butt of his. He works his hands, caressing the meaty globes, inserting a finger into his perfect little hole, teasing himself as well as you, hoping he’ll thrust in further and give himself a good finger fucking. But he knows it wouldn’t be fair to give up all the goods so he flips back over and goes to work at his throbbing cock again, saving the other stuff for another time. But not to disappoint, he works that cock for all it’s worth until he squirts a nice hearty load of white jizz on those dark skinned six-pack abs.

Christopher went on to do another solo video where he actually sticks a dildo into that virgin ass. Then he went on to make a scorching hot gay sex duo and even a threesome sex scene, which he said was a fantasy of his. I can’t recommend this young man enough and encourage you to click on the links below to see his incredible videos for yourself. This is one young black man who makes me hard every time I see his beautiful black naked body!

Christopher Ashlee

Welcome To The Black Men Domain!

There is something about African American men that really gets my blood pumping… below the waist, if you know what I mean! Their ebony skin, brown eyes, rockhard bodies and of course, extra large dicks are all enough to send me over the edge of ecstasy.

I REALLY love black men so that’s why I created this site, the Black Men Domain. I hope to make this a one-stop location where you can find some of the hottest black men on the internet who pose nude. Some are gay, most are straight, but they all share something in common: they’re horny and love to show off their bodies.

To start things off, here are a few shots of Tyler Johnson, a model I found on the web. I’ll let Tyler’s photographer tell you more about this sexy black dude:

“I meet perspective models for this site in the strangest places. The other day I was out shopping with a friend of mine when we ran into this quiet little bookstore (no, not the type of bookstore you might be thinking of). My friend called out to the front desk for some help and the most adorable guy came to help us. His name was Tyler and flashed the sexiest smile. Talking with him for a few moments I could tell he was very smart and it was apparent that he was well read. I’m guessing he must read on the treadmill at the gym because his firm muscles were showing through the tight polo shirt he had on. I didn’t think he would be up for doing a shoot but my friend blurted out, “Why don’t you put him on your site, Randy?” Tyler’s eyes lit up when he asked what kind of site. I told him it was a gay porn site and he flashed his sexy smile again and said he would love to. Once he came in and we were getting ready for the shoot he admitted that he had always wanted to do porn because he figured he had something that guys would be really hot for. Well, the smile already got me, and when he stripped off his clothes I figured he was talking about the beautifully sculpted physique, with those rock hard pecs, six pack abs and strong legs. But it wasn’t until he unleashed that beast between his legs that I really knew what he was referring to. His delicious, hearty cock swung between his legs as the perfect compliment to his perfect body. It took no time at all before he worked it up into a throbbing hardon. As he worked his piece of meat it started leaking precum like a broken faucet, and it seemed like it was his favorite delicacy because he couldn’t stop licking it off of his fingers. The kitchen seemed like the perfect place for his overheated dining experience, and he rolled around the kitchen counter like it was his favorite place to get himself off.”

If you like black guys, or any guy who happens to have a killer body and a huge dick, you should enjoy these photos!

Tyler Johnson