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Personal Trainer Works Out His Love Muscle

Here’s another hot black muscle man I saw on the web. The story of how he modeled nude is kind of interesting. As the photographer tells it: Evan works part time at my gym as a personal trainer. In fact he’s the main reason I transferred my membership. He whipped me into shape in no time, and we soon got to be great friends, hanging out occasionally. When I first knew him, I couldn’t keep my eyes off his package or keep from noticing the strain on the fabric of his gym shorts. It was a few months before we ended up in the shower together after my workout so I could feast my eyes on what I knew was going to be a monster cock. We were alone that particular afternoon, but that wouldn’t have mattered at our gym. I was already soaped up when he stepped in. He tried to conceal his tool, but I displayed mine proudly as it got harder. Even though I’m hung, I knew Evan would outsize me. He kept watching me stroke my cock, and finally he turned around with that prick hard as a fucking rock! I reached over to grab it and could barely get my hands around it. We only had time for a quick jerk-off session, but a couple of days later he invited me over to his place where we took things even further.” Hot story for a hot guy. Hope you enjoy his pics.