Monster Cock That Demands To Be Worshiped

I’m always impressed with a guy who has a lot of self-confidence. Tyrese Hunter is exactly that kind of guy. The first thing that hits you is his amazing body. He knows how to dress to show off every inch of it, so you can’t help but get turned on even when he’s fully clothed. He’s got a handsome face that can go from a sweet smile to an super sexy snarl in seconds flat. And on top of that, he’s got a presence that fills the room. His body is even more amazing up close and with nothing in the way. And when he dropped his jeans he unleashed a monster of a cock that stood out at attention and demanded to be worshiped. Tyrese dances, so aside from being in peak physical condition he also knows how to use his body to drive you wild. I saw him do a live j/o show where he worked that huge cock of his, letting his hand roam all over his perfect body, and just allowed himself to feel good. It was very voyeuristic, like I was peeking in on him without him knowing. And when he came he shot loads of the sticky white jizz all over his gorgeous dark skin, making a stunning contrast. I love this hunk!

Tyrese Hunter

Walking Sex Machine Fucks Like An Animal

I have never seen anyone who was so in touch with his sexuality as Eddie Diaz. The guy is a walking sex machine. He’s so sexy you can’t help but get a hardon just looking at him, regardless if he’s totally naked or fully clothed. He exudes a sexual energy that is outrageous and untamed.

Some people treat their bodies as a sacred temple, Eddie treats his like an amusement park and everyone’s invited. The guy doesn’t make love to the camera, he fucks it like a wild beast and makes it beg for more.

First you have the eyes, you cannot help but sink deep into them, and that mischievous smile of his. And talk about a body, every inch is lickable chocolate brown skin. I love the ripples on his six-pack abs and muscular shoulders leading down to perfectly formed biceps and triceps. And I don’t even want to know how many squats he does at the gym to get those amazing legs. Saying his well sculpted body is a work of art is an understatement. And I’ll keep from going on and on about his cock because I would need a whole other blog just to begin, so take it from me, you just need to see it to believe it.

And while his photos are worthy of printing out and plastering your bedroom wall with, you have to check out his entire jack off video because hearing the soft, sensual moans coming out of his mouth would almost be enough to make you shoot your load. Grab your dick and check Eddie out now!

Eddie Diaz